It's time to re-think floral decor.  Whether you are getting married, throwing a fancy dinner party, or organizing a corporate function, Velvet Rope Floral will be there with you, every step of the way.  We offer private consultations to ensure that your vision for your event comes to life through floral designs.

Velvet Rope Floral is a freelance florist focusing on floral d├ęcor for weddings,  special events,  corporate galas,  bridal showers,  bar/bat mitzvah's,  and so much more! Velvet Rope Floral brings you years of experience in the floral industry. From modern and unique,  to elegant and classic,  they've done it all! With over 800 events under their belt,  Velvet Rope Floral has been involved in some of Toronto's most prestigious events: Toronto Film Festival,  L'Oreal Fashion Week, Much Music Video Awards, Opera Atelier's Versaille Gala and UHN's An Artists Affair. Call Velvet Rope Floral today to discuss how they can turn your floral dreams into reality!

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